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The Goethe certificate is awarded to the participants of the German course after successfully passing the exam. The document is proof of German language skills that correspond to a certain level on a 6-point scale. The exam is an alternative to DSH and TestDaF. Without them it is impossible for migrants to enter Germany, Austria or Switzerland and employers will not hire them. The institute’s Goethe certificate can be obtained by anyone interested, regardless of nationality and age. buy goethe a1 certificate, buy goethe a2 certificate, buy goethe b1 certificate, buy goethe b2 certificate, buy goethe c1 certificate, buy goethe c2 certificate, buy goethe certificate without exam, buy goethe certificate online,

The presence of a Goethe certificate at the highest level indicates that the student is a student:

– is of value to the employer both in Russia and in German-speaking countries;
– has the right to study at German universities;
– to practice medicine. It is important to understand that the relevance of exam results lasts for two years, after which the exam must be retaken. The assessment can be made 10-14 days after the exam. The results are checked by the admissions offices of many Austrian, Belgian, German and Swiss universities.

Where and when should the Goethe certificate exam be taken?
The main target group of the Goethe-Institut are foreigners who are looking for a job or want to go to Germany for permanent residence. The test is passed online. This is one of the best options as it saves time. The German language school SpeakStarter will help you! training and certification levels

The certificate confirms that the certificate holder has mastered the German language at a certain level. The examination system corresponds to international standards. The level of the exam depends on the knowledge of the student:

– A1 is an initial level of education, an understanding of simple everyday phrases necessary to meet certain everyday needs: a short story about yourself, participation in elementary conversations when the respondent speaks slowly and clearly;

– A2 – allows you to understand single phrases and commonly used phrases related to specific aspects of everyday life. Maintaining a conversation based on the exchange of ordinary information about daily life, education, everyday needs and much more;

– B1 – knowledge allows you to express your thoughts over the conversation about recreation, education, and work. Explain yourself in all sorts of situations and make coherent messages on interesting topics. Describe your wishes, briefly explain your point of view and express your opinion.

– B2 – a good understanding of spoken language, the content of complex texts and the discussion of professional activities. Fast speaking, clear pronunciation without significant difficulties.

– C1- refers to competent use of the language. The student can recognize complex, comprehensive texts on various subjects and recognize hidden components of meaning. It can speak quickly without hiccups and word selection. Flexible use of language in everyday life and in social life.

– C2 – Communication and writing are easy. That of spontaneous speech, competent speech on any subject, the possibility of formulating thoughts clearly, emphasizing the shadow of some words.

In order to pass the Goethe-Institut exam, we not only need to prepare for it but also offer an online certificate that meets the expectations and goals. Then we can certainly hope for a successful result on the exam.

We bypass the whole process of you taking the exam. If you buy the required certificate and grade from us, we will provide you with the original certificate which you can check on the website to verify your name in the school database.


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